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I was at your workshop on 31 May, 2013 and want to tell you in my 35 +
years of counseling it was the best time I've ever spent
listening/learning and absorbing. Thank you...
                                                                            New York

"I heard Professor LaGrand speak in London and he has done extremely important work over the decades. Thanks to him, the "other side" and its incessant effort to bring solace and hope to the living is much better understood today. His empathetic comprehension of spontaneous after-death communications, whatever their source might be, is an inestimable contribution to an optimal coping with loss and grief."

                                                        -Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
                                                         Swiss Coordinator of the Scientific 
                                                         and Medical Network
                                                         Geneva, Switzerland

"Thank you very much for inspiring me, teaching me new skills. I have a lot to learn and I'm thankful for what I learned today. May God bless you! You have touched many lives today. Love you." 

                                                         Honolulu, Hawaii

Lou...thanks nearly 2 years later for your "Extraordinary Experiences" workshop at ADEC. My clients, friends, colleagues and complete strangers continue to benefit from your pioneering efforts, you persitstence, your belief in the truth. Bless you! ---You inspired me to get my CT...certified in December!

                                                        -Dr. Carrie LaJeunesse, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary
                                                         Medicine), CT

"We are so grateful for Dr. Louis LaGrand's gift to Oahu- a heartfelt grief presentation.  Three hundred and twenty people registered and they were certainly pleased with his knowledgeable presence.  Visit us again.  Mahalo!"

                                                        -Felicia Marquez-Wong, L.S.W.
                                                         L.S.W., Q.C.S.W., C.T. Bereavement Services Mgr.
                                                         St. Francis Hospice, Honolulu, Hawaii

"After reading Dr. LaGrand's excellent book 'Messages and Miracles - Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved' I had the great pleasure to invite him to give a talk at the Scientific and Medical Network in London. What Dr. LaGrand is doing is speaking to us about something that is actually very normal and very common. I am grateful for his work because he talks about experiences that are extraordinary to what we consider to be the 'ordinary state of mind'.  Dr. LaGrand is making an important contribution which helps improve the quality of life for many bereaved people of all ages.  If you have the chance to attend one of his workshops or talks, do take it. I think it is a privilege. He is a warm, thoughtful, approachable, highly educated and open minded man with an important message and a lot of experience in this field."

                                                       - Josefine Speyer
                                                         Psychotherapist, co-founder of the Natural Death Centre

"In answer to the question 'What did you like the most?' Everything – lots of good things to think about! (In grief and life)"
                                                            Canton, NY

"Dr. Louis LaGrand is an excellent speaker and he engages the audience very well.  I also think Dr LaGrand is a dynamic speaker and I learned a lot today.  As an Army chaplain at Fort Shafter, I will use what I learned to help other soldiers and families who are dealing with death and loss in Iraq and Afghanistan.

                                                         Honolulu, Hawaii

                                                                                                                                                               "I had the pleasure to work directly with Lou LaGrand for a social worker's seminar on the topic of Extraordinary Experiences. He is a dedicated grief professional committed to helping others understand the extraordinary experiences phenomena that millions of people have experienced. Lou delivered a very interesting and meaningful program for our audience. His program was very well received, and we were very pleased that we had the opportunity to work with him." 

                                                       - Mona L. Christensen
Director of Camps and Conferences
                                                         University of Wisconsin at Green Bay




"This is one of the best workshops I have taken.  Lots of good useful information to take home and share with others.  I am on the bereavement team with the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii."

                                                         Honolulu, Hawaii




"Dr. LaGrand provided our audience with an enlightening and hope-filled perspective on how our bonds with those who we have lost may continue in a positive and balanced manner.  Many who attended Dr. LaGrand's lecture reported that, while they came in with sadness and despair, they were able to leave with a feeling of hope and awe. My sincere thanks for attending so compassionately to those in our community who are grieving and searching for the kind of meaning your message offers."

Cyndia Shook, LCSW
                                                          Bereavement Program Administrator
                                                          Hospice Southeastern CT
                                                          Norwich, CT

"I had the honor of introducing Lou at the 2008 Association for Death Education and Counseling Conference in Montreal, Canada.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to shake his hand and attend his seminar.  I found Lou to be a stimulating and captivating presenter.  His extraordinary presentation for me was a true highlight of this international conference.  He brought to life the notion of after death communication as a compelling ordinary and attainable possibility.  I love his work and wholeheartedly recommend his books."

                                                         - Lyn Prashant 
                                                           Grief Counselor
                                                           Degriefing Counseling & Education
                                                           San Anselmo, CA


"This inspiring book demonstrates that 'mysterious' encounters with the deceased are in fact critically important parts of the healing process."

                                                          - Bruce Greyson, MD 
                                                            Carlson Professor of Psychiatry   
                                                            University of Virginia Health System

"Love Lives On is a wise and wonderful gift to persons experiencing loss. Even if you have never had an 'Extraordinary Encounter,' the lessons of the book are a source of hope and comfort---empowering bereaved persons to transform their grief."

Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D.
                                                             Senior Consultant
                                                             Hospice Foundation of America

"As I came across this book, I was thrilled to read it, and truly realize how it is fitting for 'ALL' who are grieving."

                                                           - Dawn Fries
                                                             Hartford, Connecticut










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